Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes (Draft) – 7/17/17

Please note: These minutes have not yet been board-approved. They are a Draft.

I. Call to order                                                                       

  • President Cindey Huckabee called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM.
  • In attendance – President Cindey Huckabee, Vice President Kristia Rumbley, Secretary Kenneth Byrd, Treasurer Burke Wren, Board Member Ray Evans, Beautification Committee Chair Kaye Rickard. Stan and Judy Johnston were present.

II. Meeting Minutes Approval                                                     

  • Ray Evans made a Motion to approve the June Board Meeting Minutes. Kenneth Byrd seconded the Motion. Motion was carried by unanimous vote.

III. Homeowner Input                                                              

  • Only two homeowners were present and they discussed getting the neighborhood library started.

IV. President’s Report (Cindey Huckabee)                                                              

  • A water line busted by the pool. The board will petition Leeds water to forgive the water bill that was leaking.
  • Signs at the front of the neighborhood were discussed.
  • Discussed Boothby matters
  • Embassy will start building on Johnny’s Cove and has begun building on Woodmere again.

V. Treasurer’s Report (Burke Wren)                                                              

  • As of July 17, 2017, Southern Trace has a monthly operating income of $8,166.65 and Operating Expenses of $6,056.66

VI. Manager’s Report (Elbert Boothby /Darlene Windom)                                            

  • Boothby was not present.

VII. Committee Reports                                                              

  • Clubhouse Committee
    • No issues to report with the clubhouse.
  • Beautification Committee (Kaye Rickard)
    • Replacing the big green tree at Johnny’s Cove.
  • Pool Committee (Cindey Huckabee)
    • Changing tables have been ordered.
    • Charter has been out to consult about cable at the clubhouse for the new keycard access.
  • Social media (Kristia Rumbley)
    • Nothing to report

VIII. Update on Prior Business                                                     


IX. New Business                                                              

X. Adjourn        

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.
  • Executive session began at 7:02 PM
  • Executive session adjourned at 7:33 PM

Introducing the Southern Trace Lending Library!

We are so happy to announce that we have started a lending library for Southern Trace! A resident has built a bookcase and has stocked the shelves. It is located in the exercise room below the clubhouse, so you will need code access to enter the room. If you need the code, please contact Boothby to get it: (205) 879-9500
Please sign the books out in the spiral notebook located on top of the bookcase. The library will operate on the honor system. Please return the book after you have read it so others might also enjoy it.  The notebook will be used to let us know what types of books are popular and if the library is being used.
The library now has novels, some on the bestsellers list, children’s books, cookbooks, home building and décor books, biographies and memoirs. If you are a reader and have books you would like to donate to the library that would be great.
There is no librarian, this is all self-service. The success of the library depends on our residents helping to keep it neat and tidy, stocking the shelves, and by reading and returning!
Happy reading Neighbors!



This Week!!

HOA Board Meeting, Monday, July 17, 6pm in the Clubhouse. All homeowners/residents are welcome to attend. There will be a brief window for homeowner questions at the beginning of our meeting, and you are welcome to stay and listen to the rest of the meeting. If you have something you would like to have the board discuss, please send an email to so we can add it to our agenda.

Open Forum Association Meeting, Saturday, July 22, 9am in the Clubhouse. This will be a great time to come together to meet your neighbors, talk to board members, and hopefully find a committee to plug into so you can be a part of helping to keep Southern Trace a great place to call home. At the very least, come eat cookies!

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes (Draft) – 6/12/17

Please note: These minutes have not yet been board-approved. They are a Draft.

I. Call to Order

  • President Cindey Huckabee called the meeting to order at 6:09pm.
  • In attendance – President Cindey Huckabee, Vice President Kristia Rumbley, Board Member Ray Evans, Beautification Committee Chairman Kaye Rickard and Boothby Representatives Darlene Windom. Also present, were 8 homeowners.

II. Meeting Minutes Approval

  • Kristia Rumbley made a motion to approve the April and May meeting minutes. Ray Evans seconded the motion. Motion was carried by unanimous vote.

III. Homeowner Input

  • President Cindey Huckabee explained to residents in attendance about an owner owned HOA.
  • Questions were asked and answered by board members regarding how documents and notes are kept.
  • The retention pond issues on Southern Trace Drive were discussed.
  • A resident suggested that all information that may be needed for new residents be placed on the website. It was also suggested that current residents could utilize this information for easy access. Vice President Kristia Rumbley addressed this as it has already been implemented. She agreed it was a good idea, however, to add local utilities and other resources for newcomers.
  • A resident asked if the Board is attempting to collect past dues. President Cindey Huckabee assured him that dues were being addressed by a lawyer.

IV. President’s Report (Cindey Huckabee)

  • There are some concerns regarding areas between homes not being maintained. Some of the issues are that homes back up to each other and residents do not realize that they should be moving those areas. Areas must be mowed up to the property line. This is not being done by some residents, leaving areas that are overgrown. Darlene will check into those addresses and let residents know that it is their responsibility to mow.
  • A Town Hall meeting will be held in July. It will have an open forum. The date will be announced when it is decided. It will likely be on a Saturday so more residents can attend.
  • All stop signs have been installed. There are some issues with some of them leaning. If a resident sees this, they should let the Board know.

V. Manager’s Report

  • Nothing to report.

VI. Committee Reports

  • Beautification Committee (Kaye Rickard) – Four Dynamite Red Crepe Myrtle trees were installed in the median at the entrance. There was some concern with leaving the living tree there. The Board is aware and has been given costs to take it down and plant another Crepe Myrtle tree in its place. At this time, we will wait and see.
  • Welcome Committee – We do not have a committee yet, but President Cindey Huckabee expressed a desire to start one. If we can get some volunteers, this committee would let the Board know when a home goes up for sale, or when a home is sold. When the new resident(s) move(s) in, someone from the committee would visit them and give them a book with information about the neighborhood, our meetings, opportunities to serve, and whom to contact for utilities, etc. They could possibly bring a welcome cake or cookies. All cakes or cookies must be taste-tested and approved by Vice President Kristia Rumbley.
  • Social Media (Kristia Rumbley) – The website is current, but new information will be added for new residents. The Facebook Group is not Board-affiliated.

VII. Adjourn

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:04pm.
  • Executive session began at 7:06pm.
  • Executive session adjourned at 7:27pm.