Broadcast Message

To all Residents of Southern Trace:
Please review all Covenants and Restrictions in regards to living in Southern Trace. If you do not have a copy, you may find one on Boothby Realty’s website.
We have had several homeowners express concerns over the shape of many homes here.  While we want Southern Trace to be a fun, safe, and desirable place to live, it is also our responsibility as a Board to ensure that Covenants are adhered to. The Covenants are put in place not only to maintain all of our land value, but also to provide common courtesy and respect to our neighbors. When simple upkeep is not followed, it has a negative impact on all of us.
In light of the complaints, we would like to address a few current and ongoing issues.
  • Yards are to be kept mowed, edged, weeded and clutter free. This includes flower gardens. You may not leave your grass clippings on the sidewalks or in the gutters.
  • Street parking is not allowed. This includes the sidewalks. It is never okay to block neighbors’ driveways and/or mailboxes. Overflow parking is currently allowed at the Clubhouse as long as a note with the homeowner name and phone number is displayed in the window, and as long as there is not an event taking place at the Clubhouse.
  • No trailers or storage vehicles are allowed to be parked in yards or on the road. Only approved storage buildings are allowed in back yards.
  • Front doors and garage doors must be kept in good shape. If they require repainting, you may repaint in the original color without ARC approval. If you change the color, you must have ARC approval.
  • No signs are allowed to be placed in yards or common areas. Exceptions are as follows:
    • You may have a for sale sign in your own yard advertising your property. For sale signs are not allowed on common areas.
    • Temporary signs are allowed. This includes Open House signs at the front of the neighborhood, Yard Sale with directions signs and other temporary signs on a case by case basis.All temporary signs are to be removed within 24 hours of the event end.
Residents not in compliance will be receiving notices and a deadline to get in compliance. If those deadlines are not met, the HOA has the authority and will hire an outside agency to cut lawns and repair flowerbeds, all charges assessed to homeowner. If it is a vehicle not in compliance it will be towed and all fees/charges assessed to homeowner.  Also any accounts not paid in full (including late charges and fines) in a timely manner will be turned over to our attorney and a lien and or lawsuit filed.
The members of our board are homeowners just like every other resident here and this is OUR neighborhood and association. If you are aware of issues that need to be addressed please send emails to and or to We will do our best to investigate and solve any problems that arise.

Best Regards,

The Southern Trace HOA Board of Directors

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