Introducing the Southern Trace Lending Library!

We are so happy to announce that we have started a lending library for Southern Trace! A resident has built a bookcase and has stocked the shelves. It is located in the exercise room below the clubhouse, so you will need code access to enter the room. If you need the code, please contact Boothby to get it: (205) 879-9500
Please sign the books out in the spiral notebook located on top of the bookcase. The library will operate on the honor system. Please return the book after you have read it so others might also enjoy it.  The notebook will be used to let us know what types of books are popular and if the library is being used.
The library now has novels, some on the bestsellers list, children’s books, cookbooks, home building and décor books, biographies and memoirs. If you are a reader and have books you would like to donate to the library that would be great.
There is no librarian, this is all self-service. The success of the library depends on our residents helping to keep it neat and tidy, stocking the shelves, and by reading and returning!
Happy reading Neighbors!


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