Boothby Broadcast Message from the HOA Board President

This email went out today to all Homeowners who have registered their emails with Boothby. If you did not receive it, please call (205) 879-9500 for assistance.
We have so many exciting things going on in Southern Trace. Please read and save this broadcast message for future reference.
Our next HOA Board Meeting will be held on Monday, July 17, at 6pm. All homeowners/residents are welcome to attend. There will be a brief window for homeowner questions at the beginning of our meeting, and you are welcome to stay and listen to the rest of the meeting. If you have something you would like to have the board discuss, please send us an email so we can add it to our agenda.
There will be a Community Yard Sale on Friday and Saturday, July 14-15. The advertised time will be 8am-3pm, but residents should feel free to set up and take down at their own discretion. This is not an HOA Board event, but is being put together by a homeowner. Please let Kristia Rumbley know if you plan to participate and don’t forget your permit!
We will have an Open Forum Town Hall Meeting for all homeowners/residents on Saturday, July 22, at 9AM. This will be a great time to come together to meet your neighbors, meet and talk to board members, and hopefully find a committee to plug into so you can be a part of helping to keep Southern Trace a great place to call home. At the very least, come eat cookies!
The second half of 2017 dues must be paid on or before July 31. Any account with an outstanding balance after August 1 will be turned over to the HOA attorney for collection. This is the only fair thing for all homeowners in our subdivision. If you are not sure of your account status, sign in to your Boothby account or contact Darlene at Boothby Realty.
We will soon have key card access to our pool for all residents who are in good standing with their HOA accounts. This will help limit access to our pool and make it enjoyable for all residents. More information on this will follow as it becomes available.
The Facebook Group for Southern Trace was created for and by homeowners. It is not an HOA Board group. After much consideration, I am removing myself from the Facebook group for as long as I am President of our HOA. All contact with me should come through the HOA Board email address or through Boothby.
Email address: (HOA Board inquiries or suggestions should come through this email address, not Facebook).
I am honored to serve as the HOA President. Our goal as the HOA Board of Directors is to bring our community together with transparency and opportunities for involvement. All decisions won’t make everyone happy, but the Board is charged with doing what we consider best for the entire community of Southern Trace.  All decisions are discussed at length before action is taken. We have a great team with Boothby who helps us decipher and follow our bylaws.  Southern Trace is a great place to live!
Cindey Huckabee

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