Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes (Draft) – 5/8/17

Please note: These minutes have not yet been board-approved. They are a Draft.

I. Call to order                                                                       

  • President Cindey Huckabee called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.
  • In attendance – President Cindey Huckabee, Vice President Kristia Rumbley, Secretary Kenneth Byrd, Treasurer Burke Wren, Board Member Ray Evans, committee member Stan Johnson and Boothby Representatives Darlene Windom. Also present, were 0 homeowners.

II. Homeowner Input                                                              

  • None

III. President’s Report (Cindey Huckabee)

  • The board will conduct training soon.

IV. Treasurer’s Report (Burke Wren)                                                              

  • As of May 8, 2017, Southern Trace has a monthly operating income of $4,438.21 (HOA fees $1,710.43; Delinquent Fees $815.00; Clubhouse Rental fees $400.00; Special Assessment $660.00; Interest $1.09), and Operating Expenses of $6,934.36

V. Manager’s Report (Elbert Boothby /Darlene Windom)                                            

  • Mailbox issues were discussed along with the possibility of the city mandating house numbers.

VI. Committee Reports                                                              

  • Clubhouse Committee (Kristia Rumbley)
    • None
  • Beautification Committee (Kaye Rickard)
    • The board read as laypersons to interpret the covenants for replacing tress and will be moving forward with searching for bids to replace the trees in the median.
  • Pool Committee (Cindey Huckabee)
    • The board reviewed pool access and is in the process of looking for options.
  • Social media (Kristia Rumbley)
    • None

VII. Update on Prior Business                                                     

  • Stop signs have been installed. Signs were not installed correctly. We are trying to contact the installer to come out to get the job done correctly.
  • City has released lots on Woodmere. Construction will begin soon.
  • Cleaning services have been obtained and will start soon

VIII. New Business

  • Burke Wren made a Motion to approve the Board Pool Rules. Kristia Rumbley seconded the Motion. Motion was carried by unanimous vote.
  • The board discussed swim lessons at the pool.

IX. Adjourn

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:38 PM.

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