Annual Membership Meeting Agenda – 4/10/17

The President of the Association, or their delegate, is responsible for facilitating the General Membership meeting. Residents in attendance are asked to raise their hand to be acknowledged for questions/comments to ensure the meeting is conducted in an orderly fashion. Anyone disrupting the meeting will be asked to leave the clubhouse area.

I. Call to order – 6:00

II. Approval of Minutes – 6:00-6:05

III. President’s Report – 6:05-6:15

IV. Treasurer’s Report – 6:15-6:20

V. Manager’s Report – 6:20-6:25

VI. Committee Updates – 6:25-6:35

Clubhouse Committee

Beautification Committee

Pool Committee

Social Media

Welcome Committee

VII. Update on Prior Business – 6:35-6:50

Swimming Pool & Common Areas

Paving and Runoff Issues

Southern Trace Three-Year Plan

VIII. New Business – 6:50-7:00

Clubhouse Cleanup Days

Swimming Pool Opening Day

2017 Board of Directors

IX. Open Forum – 7:00-7:30

X. Adjourn – 7:30

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