Hey Neighbors–Let’s Have a Party!

Hello neighbors! I love that a few of you are wanting to have a Block Party, because the Board has been discussing just that! We’re wanting to have a Neighborhood Yard Sale and Block Party all in one day. But in order for this to work, we need a few things:
  1. A Homeowner to head up the party.
  2. Several homeowners to volunteer to help whoever chooses to head this up.
  3. Lots of neighbors to participate in a community yard sale.
We are planning it for May 20. The yard sale will be from 8am-2pm (at individual homes—make sure to buy permits!) and the Spring Fling Block Party will be at the Clubhouse at 4pm.
We think it would be a great idea also for our neighbors who have home businesses (Premiere, Young Living, Advocare, Matilda Jane, ThirtyOne, Scentsy, etc…) to set up vendor tables in their driveways during the yard sale. If we have people who would like to do this, we can advertise for that and perhaps bring even more shoppers to the sale—and build your business!
Let us know what you think! You email us at

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