Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes (Draft) – 3/13/17

Please note: These minutes have not yet been board-approved. They are a Draft.

I. Call to order                                                                       

  • President Cindey Huckabee called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.
  • In attendance – President Cindey Huckabee, Vice President Kristia Rumbley, Secretary Kenneth Byrd, Treasurer Burke Wren, Board Member Ray Evans, Beautification Committee Chair Kaye Rickard, committee member Stan Johnson and Boothby Representatives Darlene Windom.

II. Meeting Minutes Approval                                                     

  • Kristia Rumbley made a Motion to approve the March Board Meeting Minutes. Ray Evans seconded the Motion. Motion was carried by unanimous vote.

III. Homeowner Input                                                              

  • No homeowners were present at this meeting.

IV. President’s Report (Cindey Huckabee)                                                              

  • There are items we are working on that will improve the neighborhood including utilizing irrigation lines not currently being used and light timers.
  • Paving is finally complete. There are a few issues with dipping in the new road that will be addressed before completion. Woodmere and Johnny’s Cove will be paved once construction is complete.

V. Treasurer’s Report (Burke Wren)                                                              

  • As of March 13, 2017, Southern Trace has a monthly operating income of $12,233.71 (HOA fees $6,719.50; Delinquent Fees $330; Clubhouse Rental fees $100; Special Assessment $4,283.00; Interest $1.50), and Operating Expenses of $9,542.91.

VI. Manager’s Report (Darlene Windom)                                            

  • Two homes have changed ownership in Southern trace and there are a number of homes available or sale.

VII. Committee Reports                                                              

  • Clubhouse Committee (Kristia Rumbley)
    • The issues with housekeeping are still pending. Other than that, no other items to report.
  • Beautification Committee (Kaye Rickard)
    • Discussion of getting a few resident volunteers to lend a hand to help with the fence repair vs. paying for removal and/or repair.
  • Pool Committee (Cindey Huckabee)
    • The pool fence is complete but there are issues with the iron gate latch being too high. The invoice will not be paid until the latch is fixed.
  • Social Media (Kristia Rumbley)
    • The new neighborhood website and Twitter account are now operational.

VIII. Update on Prior Business                                                     

  • Stops signs are in and will be installed when the weather permits.

IX. New Business                                                              

  • Ken Byrd will look into obtaining an overhead blueprint of the property.
  • Paving lines and crosswalks will be completed once the city takes over.
  • Discussions took place about creating a Welcome Committee to welcome new residents and inform them of pertinent information regarding HOA fees and creating a Boothby account.

X. Adjourn        

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM.

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