Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – 1/16/17

I. Call to order

  • President Cindey Huckabee called the meeting to order at 6:06 PM.
  • In attendance – president Cindey Huckabee, Secretary Brandy Valentini, Treasurer Burke Wren, Board Member Ray Evans, Beautification Committee Chair Kaye Rickard, and Boothby Representatives Elbert Boothby and Darlene Windom. Clubhouse Chair Richard Miller wasn’t present.

II. Homeowner Input

  • President Cindey Huckabee opened the floor to the present homeowners for questions or comments.
  • A homeowner questioned the possibility of a Neighborhood Watch being started. The Board is completely in support of a Watch but a Homeowner needs to setup to lead the Watch.
  • A homeowner questioned about the ARC being turned over to the Board from the Developer. If there are any requests or questions regarding the ARC, those questions need to be put in writing and sent to Boothby.
  • A homeowner asked for the Board to start a Lending Library. The Board would be happy to support a Homeowner taking charge of this project and presenting it to the Board.

III. Meeting Minutes Approval

  • Treasurer Burke Wren made a Motion to approve the minutes from the December 12, 2017, Board Meeting. Secretary Brandy Valentini seconded the Motion. Motion was carried by vote.

IV. President’s Report (Cindey Huckabee)

  • Stop Signs – there are more stop signs on the way. The contractor is waiting on 811 to come out and mark the ground so that they can dig.
  • A reminder – the HOA/Board is not in control of any social media. It has been always in the control of a Homeowner in good standing.
  • Looking to start a monthly newsletter.
  • Boothby has begun talking with Kessler about adding an electrical trench for the front of the neighborhood.

V. Treasurer’s Report (Burke Wren)

  • As of December 31, 2016, Southern Trace has a monthly operating income of $1,600.46 (HOA fees $1,075.00; Delinquent fees $55.00; Clubhouse Rental fees $300.00; Special Assessment $170.00; Interest $0.46), and Operating Expenses of $6,314.26.

VI. Manager’s Report (Elbert Boothby and Darlene Windom)

VII. Committee Reports

  • Clubhouse Committee (Richard Miller)
    • A past renter did not treat the property properly and there was damage left. The Board will need to talk of a proper sanction.
    • The door grate for the pool pump had to be replaced.
  • Beautification Committee (Kaye Rickard)
    • The fallen tree at the front of the neighborhood has been removed.
    • Bids for the clean-up of the front entrance:
      • (1) Attaway at $1100.00; (2) ETS Tree at $1500.00; or (3) Lanscape Workshop at $3200.00
    • President Cindey Huckabee made a Motion to accept the bid from Attaway and have Boothby enter a contract. Secretary Brandy Valentini seconded the Motion. Motion was carried by vote.
    • The irrigation clocks at the front entrance are broken. Ms. Rickard will be looking for a homeowner to repair them.

VIII. Update on Prior Business

  • Paving
    • No current schedule

IX. New Business

  • 2017 Board Elections
    • Nominating Committee has been appointed consisting of one board member and two homeowners. This committee will pick the slating officers and vet these people for the ballot. No more than 5 people on the ballot.
    • Board Election is slated for February 20, 2017. Then the Board will pick their positions. 1-1 yer, 2-2 yrs, 3-3 years. March board will be for the new board. Then the HOA meeting in April.

X. Executive Session

XI. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned by President Huckabee at 7:26PM

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