Board Meeting Agenda – 3/13/17

Residents of Southern Trace are welcome to attend the Board Meetings when they are in session. Residents in attendance will be given a 10 minute window for public comment before the Board begin conducting HOA Business. During the business portion of the meeting, attendees are allowed to listen in on the meeting, but not comment. If the Board enters into Executive Session, the clubhouse will be cleared with the exception of Officers and Management Company representation to discuss those sensitive topics. Anyone disrupting the meeting will be asked to leave the clubhouse area.


I. Call to order – 6:00

II. Meeting Minutes Approval – 6:00-6:00

III. Homeowner Input – 6:00-6:10

IV. President’s Report – 6:10-6:15

V. Treasurer’s Report – 6:15-6:20

VI. Manager’s Report – 6:20-6:25

VII. Committee Reports – 6:25-6:35

Clubhouse Committee

Beautification Committee

Pool Committee

Social Media

Welcome Committee

ARC Committee

VIII. Update on Prior Business = 6:35-6:40

Paving schedule

HOA transition

Board openings

Neighborhood Watch

IX. New Business – 6:40-7:00

Push to get committee members

Duties and responsibilities HOA vs. Management Co.

Elbert to do class on board membership soon

Property deeded/to be deeded to the HOA

Reporting of violations

Keeping a paper trail

Copy HOA email for all correspondence

X. Adjourn – 7:00

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